44 x 80 x 17.5mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s - A012

Till Rolls

44 x 80 x 17.5mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s

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Product Details

44 x 80 x 17.5mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s

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Product Dimensions

44mm x 80mm




44 x 80 x 17.5mm Core Single Ply Paper Rolls Boxed 40s

Compatible with

Casio SA1000, Casio SA2000, Casio TK1300, Casio 4400ER, Casio CE3700, Casio CE3815, Casio CE4615, Casio DL2727, Casio SA3000, Casio TE3000, Casio TK3200, Casio TK4000, Casio TK4000C, Casio TK4300, Casio TK4500, Casio TK4515, Sharp ER1911, Sharp EL-1197, Sharp ER-1875, Sharp ER-1910, Sharp ER-1911, Sharp ER1911S, Sharp ER-1911s, Sharp ER1920, Sharp ER-1920, Sharp ER-1921, Sharp ER1970, Sharp ER-1979, Sharp ER2370, Sharp ER-2370, Sharp ER2371, Sharp ER-2371, Sharp ER-2380, Sharp ER-2381, Sharp ER-2385, Sharp ER-2386, Sharp ER-2386s, Sharp ER-2390, Sharp ER-2391, Sharp ER-2395, Sharp ER-2396, Sharp ER-2540, Sharp ER-2541, Sharp ER-2590, Sharp ER-2590S, Sharp ER-2592, Sharp ER-2595, Sharp ER2905, Sharp ER-2905, Sharp ER2908, Sharp ER-2908, Sharp ER2910, Sharp ER-2910, Sharp ER3100, Sharp ER-3100, Sharp ER3110, Sharp ER-3110, Sharp ER3115, Sharp ER-3210, Sharp ER-3250, Sharp ER-3300, Sharp ER-3310, Sharp ER-3311, Sharp ER-3536, Sharp ER-3550, Sharp ER3600, Sharp ER-3600, Sharp ER3630, Sharp ER-3630, Sharp ER3640, Sharp ER-3640, Sharp ER3701, Sharp ER4100, Sharp ER-4100, Sharp ER4100S, Sharp ER-4100s, Sharp ER4110, Sharp ER-4110, Sharp ER-4530, Sharp ER-4550, Sharp ER-4551, Sharp ER4700, Sharp ER-4700, Sharp ER4710, Sharp ER-4710, Sharp ER5900, Sharp ER-5900, Sharp ER5910, Sharp ER-5910, Sharp ER6740, Sharp ER-6740, Sharp ER6745, Sharp ER-6745, Sharp ERA160, Sharp ERA170, Sharp ER-A240, Sharp ERA250, Sharp ERA-250, Sharp ERA310, Sharp ER-A310, Sharp ER-A320, Sharp ERA330, Sharp ER-A330, Sharp ER-A440, Sharp ER-A460, Sharp ER-A470, Sharp ER-A550, Sharp ER-A550s, Sharp ER-A570, Sharp ER-A610, Sharp FDS50, Sharp FS 1080, Sharp FS 1450, Sharp FS1650, Sharp FS1900, Sharp MA1190, Sharp MA1350, Sharp MA1400, Sharp MA1450, Sharp MA1600, Sharp MA1650, Sharp MA1700, Sharp MA1900, Sharp MA2200, Sharp MA2300, Sharp MA2400, Sharp MA2600, Sharp MA290, Sharp MA305, Sharp MEMS V, Sharp TOKHEIM 190, Sharp XE-1054, Sharp XE-A310, Sharp XE-A330, Sharp XE-A570, Tec MA1100, Tec MA1190, Tec MA1400, Tec MA1450, Tec MA1600, Tec MA1700, Tec MA1900, Tec MA2100, Tec MA2200, Tec 2300, Tec 45R, Tec MA1040, Tec MA-1350, Tec MA-1650, Tec MA516, Aster BERKEL-CR44, Aster GA716, Busicom CP760, Decimo C/O301, Decimo C/O302, Decimo C/O304, Decimo C/O304L, Decimo C/O306, Decimo C/O430L, Decimo DP1100, Decimo DP2400, Decimo DP2400N, Geller 604, Geller 1420, Geller 124L, Geller 187N, General G2601, General G2602, General G2603, General G2604, General G2700, General G3002, General G3004, General G3200, General G5000, General G80, Jcm Gold G225, Ncr 21, Ncr 1503, Ncr 2109, Ncr 2116, Ncr 2120, Ncr 6130, Omron RS12, Omron RS14, Omron RS1465, Omron RS16, Omron RS2010, Omron RS24, Omron RS55, Omron RS85, Omron RS7000-PR60, Gold 101, Gold 108, Gold 140, Gold 200, Gold 220, Gold 221, Gold 222, Gold 223, Gold 381, Gold 582, Gold 381fx, Gold G226, Samsung ER1805, Samsung ER1810, Samsung ER2100, Samsung ER2610, Samsung ER3540, Samsung ER4160, Samsung ERP-400, Samsung SER6500, Samsung SER6500 II, Samsung SER6540, Sweda 2810, Uniwell LX-5600, Uniwell NX-5000, Uniwell NX5400, Uniwell SX6600, Uniwell U100, Uniwell U700, Uniwell UX50, Uniwell UX60, BERKEL CR44, Sam 4s ER-4640, Sam 4s ER-4800, Sam 4s ER-4815, Sam 4s ER-4900, Sam 4s ER-4915, Sam 4s ER-4940, Sam 4s ER-5100, Sam 4s ER-5115, Sam 4s ER-5140, Sam 4s SER-6500, Sam 4s SER-6540, Toshiba FS-1450, Toshiba FS-1650, Toshiba MA-1650, Toshiba MA-516

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    £11.58 (inc. VAT /box)

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    £117.36 (inc. VAT /box)

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