57 x 57 x 12.7mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s - A014

Till Rolls

57 x 57 x 12.7mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s

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Product Details

57 x 57 x 12.7mm Core Single Ply A Grade Rolls Boxed 40s

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Product Dimensions

57mm x 57mm




57 x 57 x 12.7mm Core Single Ply Till Rolls Boxed 40s

Compatible with

Casio 18, Casio 187, Casio 101S, Casio 103ER, Casio 104ER, Casio 105ER, Casio 110CR, Casio 110ER, Casio 114ER, Casio 115ER, Casio 116ER, Casio 117ER, Casio 11ER, Casio 120CR, Casio 120ER, Casio 130CR, Casio 140CR, Casio 160CR, Casio 168K, Casio 180ER, Casio 210ER, Casio 2200ER, Casio 220ER, Casio 230ER, Casio 240CR, Casio 240ER, Casio 800ER, Casio CE300, Casio CR110, Casio CR150, Casio CR240, Casio HR-110, Casio HR-110S, Casio TK500, Casio TK600, Casio TK800, Sharp 0ER 1070, Sharp EL-1619, Sharp ER1015, Sharp ER-1015, Sharp ER1017, Sharp ER-1017, Sharp ER-1017KP, Sharp ER-107, Sharp ER1070, Sharp ER-1070, Sharp ER-1071, Sharp ER1072, Sharp ER-1072, Sharp ER-1075, Sharp ER1076, Sharp ER-1076, Sharp ER1077, Sharp ER-1077, Sharp ER1080, Sharp ER-1080, Sharp ER1100, Sharp ER-1100 SERIES, Sharp ER1500, Sharp ER-1500, Sharp ER1700, Sharp ER-1700, Sharp ER-1770, Sharp ER1771, Sharp ER-1771, Sharp ER1772, Sharp ER-1772, Sharp ER1772S, Sharp ER-1772S, Sharp ER2100, Sharp ER-2100, Sharp ER-A160, Sharp ER-A170, Sharp XE-A101, Sharp XE-A102, Sharp XE-A107, Sharp XE-A110, Sharp XE-A120, Sharp XE-A130, Sharp XE-A150, Tec 400, Tec 700, Tec 2500, Tec 58R, Tec MA 115R, Tec MA156, Tec MA1560, Tec MA-1560, Tec MA173, Tec MA186, Tec MA200, Tec MA209, Tec MA338, Tec MA340, Tec MA400, Tec MA70, Tec MA700, Tec MA71, Tec MA78, Tec MA79, Tec MA800, Tec MA85, Tec ST4500, Tec TSMH77, Aster 333, Aster GA707, Busicom CP108, Busicom CPL-90, Decimo 1013, Decimo 7016, Decimo 7046, Decimo 7104, Decimo 7164, Decimo 7016M, Decimo C/011, Decimo C/0111, Decimo C/05, Decimo C/O10, Decimo C/O101, Decimo C/O102, Decimo C/O201, Decimo C/O202-HPS, Decimo C/O202L, Decimo C/O202S, Decimo C/O204L, Decimo C/O22L, Decimo C/OIV, Decimo CHECKOUT, Decimo CX4, Decimo DP1000, Decimo MC110HP, Geller 104, Geller 108, Geller 112, Geller 305, Geller 1N, Geller 2N, Geller CX 200, Geller NT1071, Geller NT1081, Geller NT1104, Geller NT1108, Geller NT1110, Geller PZ1, Geller SK302, Geller SK520, General G1200, General G1400, General G1600, General G1800, Jcm Gold G105, Jcm Gold G215, Ncr 16, Ncr 500T, Ncr 51D, Ncr CLASS-21, Ncr CLASS-24, Ncr CLASS-3, Ncr CLASS-96, Olympia 735, Olympia 1810 Plus, Olympia CM-1688, Olympia CM-711, Olympia CM-720, Olympia CM-725, Olympia CM-730, Olympia CM-735, Olympia ECR280, Omron RS1004, Omron RS1008, Omron RS110, Omron RS1110, Omron RS7, Omron SS1000, Omron SS3200, Omron SS400, Gold 381, Gold 110, Gold 210, Gold 211, Gold 260, Icl 9518 -100, Icl 9518 T4, Olivetti ECR100EV, Olivetti ECR-2100 EURO, Olivetti ECR-2150, Olivetti ECR-2300 EURO, Olivetti ECR-2350, Olivetti ECR-300, Olivetti ECR-300EV, Olivetti ECR-5000, Olivetti ECR-5200, Olivetti ECR-7100, Olivetti MERCATOR10, Samsung 250 S/M, Samsung ER150, Samsung ER200, Samsung ER220, Samsung ER290, Samsung ER300, Samsung ER350, Uniwell U200, Sam 4s ER-100, Sam 4s ER-120, Sam 4s ER-150, Sam 4s ER-180, Sam 4s ER-290, Sam 4s ER-350, Sam 4s ER-3615, Toshiba DRJST-50, Toshiba MA-156, Alfa ERC106, Aurora PT09PD, Aurora PT11PD, C.Itoh CIR1N, C.Itoh CIR501N, Elite CR101, Epson TM-C100, Epson TM-J2000, Epson TM-J2100, Epson TM-J7500, Epson TM-J7600, Hermes 4001, Sigma CR-2000, Wincor Nixdorf ND35, Wincor Nixdorf ND60, Wincor Nixdorf ND69

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    £10.14 (inc. VAT /box)

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    £69.60 (inc. VAT /box)

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